Emergency Tree Service Lithonia

Benefits of Consulting the Lithonia Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree ServiceIn the case of a storm damage or any other emergency, M & M Total Tree Service Inc offers timely assistance to avoid injuries to people or loss of property. Do not attempt to clear the mess without seeking professional help since the job can be quite risky.


Trees fall during the storms

During the storms, the trees are likely to fall onto the houses or roads. Such trees can cause immense danger to the residents and the road users. It is critical to prevent such problems before they happen. During the periods of torrential rainfall, the water will saturate the ground. Such water will compromise the ability of the soil to hold the trees firmly in the muddy conditions. Since the storms are characterized by the strong winds and heavy rainfall, the trees are likely to fall. The prospect of trees falling on houses is a likely occurrence in the residential areas. In most cases, the residents have nowhere to turn since the municipality cannot take responsibility for such damage.


How to remove a fallen tree

RemoviEmergency Tree Service Call NOwng a fallen tree can be quite difficult. If the tree falls onto your home, we will arrive immediately to clear the mess. the process involves tying the tree with chains and lifting them up with a crane. We will haul the tree to your preferred destination with our social equipment. Sometimes, we have to cut the tree into manageable sizes to expedite the process.


Stump removal

Stump removal is quite difficult time-consuming. The cost of tree removal involves eradicating the stump and chipping some logs. instead of hauling away the tree, you can decide to chop it to provide timber or firewood. we have the equipment to meet such demands at an affordable cost.



It is also vital to sign up for home insurance and ensure that you include the policy for wind damage. A policy that covers your home against the fallen trees will work to your advantage.


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If your home has been affected by a storm or have had a fallen tree call us (770) 744-3909. We are the premier emergency tree service in Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Loganville, Covington, and Social Circle.