Emergency Tree Service Stone Mountain

Crane Removing Tree From HomeM & M Total Tree service is the premier emergency tree service in Stone Mountain specializing in falling trees, storm damage, and tree removal. Storms, in general, are dangerous. But what happens once the storm passes and you’re left with a big stubborn old tree atop your house, your car, or blocking the entrance of your driveway? These are common scenarios during the stormy season. Over time, trees get old and dry out. They become brittle and unstable. As residents of Georgia, especially in the Stone Mountain area, high gusts of wind, rainfall by the sheets, and downed trees are not uncommon in the spring and summer times. Between tornados and rapidly passing thunderstorms, the weather remains unpredictable.

The professionals here at M & M Total Tree Service understand how disrupting a fallen tree could be. This type of nuisance is halting and must be dealt with in a timely manner. Similar to the ever-changing weather conditions, our emergency tree removal services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our trained technicians work diligently around the clock ensuring that our clients’ needs are expeditiously met. We are situated in Lithonia and proudly serve DeKalb and surrounding counties.

Emergency Tree Removal ServicesEmergency Tree Service Call NOw

• Tree cutting
• Removal of fallen tree(s)
• Tree cleanup
• Stump removal

M & M Total Tree Service strives to be the resolve to our customers (present and future) fallen tree problems. We offer an array of services to fit all our client’s tree servicing needs in Stone Mountain, Conyers, Covington, Lithonia, and Social Circle. Financially, we realize how costly tree removal services could be, which is why we work with your insurance company to help alleviate monetary stresses. Don’t hesitate. Contact us today!